Call for Contributions
Conference crowd raising their hands

The call for contributions to the 5th European Conference on Biodiversity and Climate Change is now open! We invite the submission of abstracts for oral and poster presentations to be held in Bonn, Germany between 26th and 28th of September. We are interested in contributions that demonstrate good practice in implementing nature-based solutions addressing climate change in European riverine and coastal wetlands from a scientific, policy and practical perspective. Please note that only a limited number of contributions can be accepted.

Poster presentations will take place during a specifically designated poster presentation session on the first and second day of the conference giving the presenters an opportunity for discussions. The posters will be displayed during the whole conference.

Oral presentations will be held within the eight interactive sessions (two spotlight presentations per session) on day 2 of the conference and will address the following interdisciplinary topics:

Session 1
  • Workshop 1: Ensuring participation: How to integrate local stakeholders and build acceptance for wetland restoration?

  • Workshop 2: Finding space: How to tackle the issue of limited land availability and choose priority areas to scale up wetland restoration?

  • Workshop 3: Maximizing climate benefits: How to increase carbon sequestration in riverine and coastal wetlands in practice?

  • Workshop 4: Monitoring success: How to evaluate success of wetland restoration for biodiversity objectives and build evidence of socio-economic benefits?

Session 2
  • Workshop 5: Tackling land use conflicts: How to reconcile agriculture and other uses with wetland conservation and restoration?

  • Workshop 6: Restoring coastal dynamics: How to manage coastal wetlands in the face of climate change?

  • Workshop 7: Restoring river connectivity: How to achieve 25.000 km free-flowing rivers in the EU?

  • Workshop 8: Securing funds: How to harness private and public financing opportunities for wetland restoration?


Contributions are welcome from practitioners, policy advisers and scientists, and ideally collaborations of these groups demonstrating successful partnerships working towards the protection and restoration of European riverine and coastal wetlands. We further invite cross-sector and cross-border collaborations demonstrating integrative approaches to riverine and coastal wetland governance We hope to get a broad representation of related issues and solutions from across Europe.

Deadline for abstract submission is 02.06.2023.


Abstract Submission Guidelines

  • All abstracts must be submitted in English

  • All abstracts must be in MS Word, with a limit of 250 words

  • All abstracts should include:

    • Abstract title (brief and concise)

    • Author(s) + affiliation(s)

    • Abstract text (max 200-250 words)

    • Preference (Spotlight/ Poster)

      • And for a spotlight presentation the session preference (1–8)

Abstracts are to be e-mailed to bioclim2023atadelphi [dot] de (subject: Abstract%20Submission%202023) , one abstract per e-mail, using the subject line: Abstract Submission 2023.

In the cover e-mail the full abstract title, author names and affiliations, and contact information for the presenting author should be included.

Poster size should not exceed AO Format. The posters will be displayed during the whole meeting and a special poster session will give opportunity for discussions.

The deadline for abstract submission is 02.06.2023. Please feel free to contact bioclim2023atadelphi [dot] de, if you have any queries.